Peter Pevensie (once_a_king) wrote,
Peter Pevensie

Cair Paravel: Friday Evening

Cair Paravel was almost glowing from all the lights in and around the castle, marking the way clearly for all those travelers coming to the nuptials tomorrow. 

The visitors from Fandom and elsewhere were escorted from just the portal just inside the woods to the gates of the castle where they were welcomed warmly and shown to their rooms by an assortment of Narnians.  Some of the Narnians were more of the animal persuasion than human but they all spoke English and tried to make their guests at home.

Mrs Beaver, in particular, scurried from room to room making sure everyone was settled properly.

After the handwavy rehearsal, Narnian and Fandom guests alike were asked to come to the Great Hall for a pre-celebration banquet.  The Hall was decorated in blue and gold and lit with torches and candles that all gave off more light than they should.  A group of fauns provided the music that rang through the hall.

[OOC:  OMG WEDDING!  OCD coming up done!]

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