Peter Pevensie (once_a_king) wrote,
Peter Pevensie

The Gardens and Great Hall of Cair Paravel - Saturday Evening

Music had begun pouring through the gardens and halls of Cair Paravel as soon as the High King and the new Queen of Narnia were announced to their guests and subjects. 

The decorations stayed in the trees, and as the sun went down, tiny lights woven through the branches appeared, keeping the gardens well-lit for socialising and dancing.

Dinner was served in a brightly-lit and decorated Great Hall packed with Narnians both human and Animal as well as the ambassadors and guests from other countries.  But the guests from Fandom were mostly seated together partially to avoid a diplomatic incident and partially to give them people to talk to who wouldn't be staring.

After the dinner, the toasts, and lots of champagne, the bands struck up again, allowing people to mingle, chat, dance, or wander through the gardens as they felt suited them best.

[OOC:  OCD is a-coming up!]

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